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Company Background Print

Windhoeker Maschienenfabrik (Pty) Ltd (WMF) was established in 1939, in Windhoek, Namibia.   The company specializes in general engineering and steel construction work, in the manufacturing of fuel tanks, lowbed trailers with 60 ton payload capacity, turning and milling, drop side truck bodies, tipping bodies and rail wagons,   (WMF) is diverse in terms of other services such as steel construction and piping for example, all steel construction work and steel piping for the Calueque and Ruacana Hydro Power Stations, in the northwest part of the country, were carried out by WMF in the early 1970’s.
In 1977, the first Ballistic and Mine-Protected vehicle was designed and developed by WMF.   After a thorough testing, evaluation and improvement process, the vehicle was eventually accepted as effective by the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R).
Following this approval, the production of Ballistic and Mine-Protected Personnel-Carrying vehicles commenced, with the First National Development Corporation (FNDC), today known as the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC), being the first customer to purchase the first three (3) vehicles.

In 1998 the government of Republic of Namibia through Ministry of Defence took over the ownership of Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik (1998) (Pty) Ltd via its investment company, August 26 Holding (1998) Pty Ltd for N$20 million of which N$15 million was utilised to purchase assets (buy out the company) and the remaining N$5 million reserved for start up or working capital.  The board of Directors who were appointed and entrusted with the leadership and governance of the company were Dr.PT Shipoh (Chairperson), Mrs. Anna Nakale- Kawana, Mr. Peter Dahl, Mr. Walter Hailwax, Mr. J. Iita and Mr. Hannes Koegl appointed on 14th August 1998. Retired General Raonga Andima former CEO of August26 Holdings PTY LTD was appointed to be the acting CEO of WMF with other members of management. The mandate of the board members among others was to:
Ensure continuity of the organization
Govern the organisation by broad policies and objectives
Acquire sufficient resources for the organisation’s operations
Ensure the efficient utilization of organisation’s resources
Account to the public and to the shareholder  for the products and services of the organisation
Appoint and Support Managing Director and management in executing organisational  duties
As a result, Cnl. John Nakaambo was seconded from Ministry of Defence to be the production Manager of WMF from 2000 to 2001. With the facilitation of Government officials, i.e. Hon. Erkki Nghimtina (former Minister of Defence), Mr. Erastus Negonga (Former PS Ministry of Defence), Mr. Frans. Kapofi, Mr. Peter Shivute (Former Deputy PS  Ministry of Defence) and WMF Chairman Dr. Peingeondjabi Shipoh, the ministry of Defence of Republic of Namibia entered into agreement with Ministry of Defence of Germany for supplying components of the vehicles through BWB Company which resulted in a manufacturing of Namibia’s first WEREWOLF MKII in 2001.                         

As the company growth is advancing the board of directors appointed Brigadier Matias Shiweda as a Managing Director of WMF to oversee the company’s operations, leadership and overall corporate governance matters and serve as accounting officer of WMF.  Mrs. EN Negumbo and Gen. ED Ndaitwah were appointed to serve on the board in 2003 and 2006 respectively.


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