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Handover of fire fighting trucks

Three fire trucks and two light support vehicles where handed over to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Hon. John Mutorwa by the Managing Director of Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik (WMF) Mr. Victor Simunja during the launch of the International year of Forestry. The event, which was held at the Havana Primary School on the 18th March 2011, was the first celebration by Namibians.

The hand over of the fire trucks formed part of the Launching of the International year of Forestry. WMF was contracted to develop, acquire, modify and maintain appropriate fire trucks and equipments, as well as the development of appropriate equipments and fire tools aimed at appropriate management and control of the forest/veld fires in Namibia.


The three trucks were converted into fire fighting vehicles at WMF factory in Winhoek said the Managing Director of WMF Mr. Victor Simunja, at this juncture, i am pleased to announce that WMF has gone way beyond confining itself in military related products only, but it is currently now engaged in the production of other products in support of civil powers and authorities, Mr. Simunja further stated .

In his address speech, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry,  Hon. Mutorwa stated that Namibian’s participation in an extremely important international initiative to raise awareness, fire is a natural phenomenon that serves as important function in maintaining our ecosystems and require a holistic approach to its management. However, annual wildfire caused by people misusing fire is destructive agents that require immediate suppression.

Therefore, added Hon. Mutorwa, the Ministry is supplying communities in area’s prone to repeated wildfires with equipment such as fire trucks with pressure pump and water tanks in order to counter these destructive and life threatening fire’s, further adding that this is just one of the gestures to indicate the commitment of the Ministry to its mandate of integral forest management.



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