13 Bessemer Street
Southern Industrial Area

P.O. Box 5013



Tel: +264 61 445 500

Fax +264 61 235 742

Agricultural equipment


WMF expanded not only to manufacture MPVs but also penetrated to manufacture new products such as:
Machining and modification of  construction and mining equipments
Bush Cutters and drilling rods repair
Cattle truck bodies and Trailers, water tanks stands and cattle troughs,
mobile office for the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Forensic Laboratory
Fire Fighting Trucks for the Department of Forestry,
Mobile electric fencing unit for the Veterinary Service to control Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) from spreading


Introducing W the er'Wolf MK 11


The Wer’wolf MKII MPV provides protection for the crew and on-board equipment against:


  • All known anti personnel mines.
  • A double anti-tank mine (14 kg of TNT ) detonated anywhere centrally under the hull.
  • A triple anti-tank mine (21 kg of TNT ) detonated under any wheel.
  • An IED explosion comprising 14 kg of TNT laced with 500 grams of shrapnel detonated from a 3 metres standoff distance from any of the vehicle sides.

Read more on the Wer'wolf Blast Report



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